Why Are Methodist Churches Dying?

Posted By Bo Sanders on Jan 27, 2022 | 0 comments

This Sunday in BrainStorming (9:30am) we are going to talk about why mainline churches are dying and how Vermont Hills might be different.

Please listen to this podcast and come ready to talk [Link to the Rise of the Nones] just hit the green ‘play’ button to listen on the website or you can open it in Spotify if you have that app.

The ‘rise of the nones’ is a fascinating discussion and gives us some talking points for our discussion on Sunday:

  • Why politics have become more important than religion?
  • How does the believe-behave-belong tripartite impact us?
  • Why are the Methodist is a special kind of trouble?
  • Does the ‘spiritual but not religious’ mentality factor in?

Please plan on joining in for this vibrant discussion.

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