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We are a congregation that focuses on:

Big Ideas
Good Conversation
Meaningful Worship
Community Service

Those four things really set the tone for our gatherings and what we focus on during the week.

Who Are We?

There are 3 things that make Vermont Hills UMC a unique place:

  1. We are a “spiritual oasis”
  2. We are a conversational community
  3. We serve our city and partner with great groups

A Spiritual Oasis has been our theme for a long time and we really live up to it. This is a safe place to ask difficult questions about life and faith. We are a non-judgmental group of people who are open-minded and have an open-ended approach to faith. We welcome people from all backgrounds, religious convictions, and orientations. Our goal is help people get where they are going and to be caring and honest with each other on the way.

A Conversational Community is our attempt to splice some life into the old forms of church and worship. Think of it like a hybrid between classic church, a coffee shop, and a TEDtalk. It is not exactly any of those three, but that at least gives you an idea what we are going for. We are a very progressive congregation so engaging 21st-century culture is important to us.

Serving and Partnering with local groups gives us an outlet for this ‘good’ that we are called to do in the world. We have several groups that we support and serve with. Please check out our ‘partners page’ for an idea about the kinds of things we are passionate about.


Please see our ‘Staff’ page for email contacts


It is also important that you know that we are  a Reconciling Congregation which means that we are open & affirming of LGBTQ inclusion in the church at every level. This commitment impacts everything from our ‘open-table’ perspective of communion to the way that we talk about sex, relationships, and even marriage. If the question is, “is this church gay friendly?” the answer is YES!

We believe that all people are children of God and that God’s acceptance, grace, and love are available to everyone. We declare ourselves to be a faith community intent upon reconciling all God’s people into one community of faith; we are one people – God’s people.  We declare that our inclusion embraces gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons within every aspect of our life together.

We pray that, by living out our call to love and accept all people, our community will be a blessing to each of its participants and to the wider community and to our world so that we can truly state with conviction that we have Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.

We are a member of the Reconciling Ministries Network www.RMNetwork.org


Contact Us:

Office Phone:  503-246-1213

Office Email:  officeVHUMC@gmail.com 

Pastor Email:  VHUMCpastor@gmail.com

Location:  6053 SW 55th Drive, Portland, OR 97221

We are located in SW Portland near Hayhurst Elementary School, on SW Iowa Street and SW 55th Drive in Portland, Oregon.

  • Sunday School  9:00 am
  • Worship 10:30 – 11:30 am
  • Nursery Care Available:  9:00 – 11:30 am (for infants through kindergarten)
  • Feel free to visit the Trinity Garden before or after worship

Vermont Hills United Methodist Church

6053 SW 55th Drive

Portland, OR 97221

Phone:  503-246-1213

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