Wednesday Bible Study: Hebrews

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You are invited to come on a 12-week journey of discovery about the roots of the faith and its Jewish heritage.

Starting Wednesday Sept 12 at 7pm we are going to read the book of Hebrews together.

If you are new to the way that we do Bible study, we have 3 commitments:

  1. we read in humility – not imposing our preconceptions on the text
  2. we read in faith – not trying to ‘poke holes’ in the text
  3. we read in community – because scripture was never meant to be read alone

In case this sounds too stuffy or boring … let me assure you that what these three commitments result in is a vibrant, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes sincere, and humorous look at the Bible.

Come and give it a try! You might be surprised.

We even provide a Bible if you want one.


Some of us will be using a guide called “Hebrews for Everyone” that you can get new, used, or even on Kindle [link]  

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