We Are What We Love

Posted By Katie North on Apr 17, 2018 | 1 comment

This week’s chapter from Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Warren has a title I was excited to write about: “Making the Bed.” Before I read it, I thought I could use this space to talk about how I got a set of new bedding that makes me feel like a grown up, and how the habit of making my bed does help me feel more organized and confident as I go about my day.

Then I read the chapter. My hopeful (and a little self-righteous) expectations for checking the box of bed-making were thwarted as she wrote about the deeper, more urgent impacts of our habits. How we spend our time is how we spend our lives, and what we dedicate time to is a reflection of what we love and worship. James K. A. Smith writes, “We are what we love.”

Warren named the one habit I am desperate and terrified to break: using my phone. All the time. I am a true millennial in that I am never without it. It has been a conviction of mine to stop using social media so often, but the fleeting thought that “I shouldn’t do this as much” doesn’t win out against the flood of endorphins my brain gets with every new notification. It’s an addiction, and countless members of my generation are trapped in it.

We are what we do and what we love. I want to love God and my neighbor and the world, not screens. So, I am taking this week to examine my own habits. I’ve decided I am going to go buy a real alarm clock(!!!!) and get my phone out of my bedroom. That will be a start—spending my first few moments in silence, making my wonderful, grown-up bed and honoring the living, loving God with my groggy attention instead of a glowing screen.

Examine your own habits this week. What do you love? Who are you? Who does God call us to be? With the graces of God, my community, good bedding, and an alarm clock, I want to have my answers to those questions line up a little better. Amen—let it be so.

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  1. How to do without the phone – Camping Road trip to Eastern Oregon. Awesome scenery and hiking and little connectivity. Refreshing and a bit scary!

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