This is the Day that the Lord has Made?

Posted By Charlie Jesch on Apr 12, 2018 | 0 comments

Do I believe this? Did the community of Creation, the Trinity, God, make this day? What does it mean that this day, this very day, was made by the God? How am I to respond to this?

When I awake, I rarely am thinking that the Lord made this day. Throughout my day, it is not a thought that comes into my mind. So do I believe it?

To be honest, I don’t know.  I look around and see pain. I live in pain, despair…hopelessness. Life at times feels as if it a mill stone, slowly grinding away the hope and joy I wish I had. Cognitively, I can accept the claim that God made today, but this is not realized in my life. Often I’m not even sure what to make of it. What I see and feel is that all there is, is pain and sorrow. Is that really what today was made for? I honestly don’t think so, but so often it feels as if that is all that a new day brings. 

The rest of Ps. 118:24 reads, “We will rejoice and be glad in it.” When I read this, I balk. Why should we rejoice when there is so much pain. Is it because God is good? That doesn’t lead me to rejoice and be glad. It is too abstract for me to grasp.

I have to remember how I know that God is good. I have experienced the goodness of the Trinity. It has changed me ontologically. I experience the goodness of God in the warmth of my friendships, in the eyes of strangers, the tears that stream down my face when life seems to much and there is so much in me that I don’t know how to express. The goodness of God meets me in each of these, reminding me that there is hope for something better than the pain.

As the pain of life comes crashing down, I have to remember the Kin-dom of God, the reality that Christ ushered into the world. This new reality is a banquet. This new creation, represented and embodied Christ’s resurrection, is the first fruits of The Kin-dom. It is an abundant life. A life that the scripture tells us is will be even greater than that which we suffer and lose. It is a life where we find an abundance made manifest in the loving community that comes to the table of God to feast. The table has been set and it is ready for the family to come together. This is a reason to rejoice and be glad.

As I awake, my prayer is to remember this: though there is much pain, suffering and remorse, there is a new creation, a community that welcomes me, that heals me, that restores my soul. This community is the Kin-dom that waits for the fullness of time to come, when all of creation is restored.


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