Themes for the next 11 weeks

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Table Talk: Themes for the Next 11 Weeks

Hospitality is our theme in August and each week we are going to look at a different aspect of being welcoming to the stranger and open to the ‘other’.

August 6 Brett Stuvland is at the table talking about his experience in the Middle East and the southern United States. Turns out that southern hospitality is a real thing … but maybe not in the way that you think it is.

August 13 we are at the Communion table as we gather together to celebrate and to share the bread and cup.  This will be a good time of reflection and encouragement.

August 20 John Espy will be at the table to talk about Spiritual Practices and the role that they play in our lives and in our congregation. John has a passion for this ministry so make sure to be there as he talks about some exciting plans for this fall.

August 27 Elizabeth Brown, our director of Children, Youth & Family Ministry will be at the table to talk with us about the future of the church and our young people. You will want to be there to hear about her vision for our kids and some big plans ahead for our youth.

September 3 is Labor Day weekend and we are going to be talking about the sacred nature of our labor. Too often our labor gets reduced down to ‘work’ and we miss that it could be so much more!   Come and be a part of this fun conversation and be ready to talk about the oddest job that you ever had.

September 10 is Kick-Off Sunday!  Sunday School starts again at 9am and we are adding a 10am pre-service prayer gathering in the chapel. Then our 10:30 worship gathering will be a communion service. The challenge that week will be ‘Don’t Get Distracted By The Details’.  There will be a potluck afterward so plan on sticking around.

September 17 will be a fun follow up to the previous week’s theme. We are going to hear back from people about their experiments in not getting distracted by the details. The Sunday School topic that morning (9am) will be “B is for Baptism” (or why use water?) and will tie into the sermon at 10:30.

September 24 is called ‘The Unforced Rhythms of Grace’ and it will be a very special gathering. The 10:30 worship service will be a challenging and inspiring presentation of ideas that call to the deep parts of our humanity. It will also tie into the Sunday School theme from that morning “C is the for Christ” (or what is so special about Jesus?)

October 1 is World Communion Sunday and we will be joining with churches all over the world and back over the past 2000 years to join at the communion table. This will be an amazing time of perspective and scope as look at the wild story of those early churches and how we got here from there.

October 8 is about sight and sound as we look at the story of Samuel’s calling and his mentor Eli’s powerful words. How do we have faith when our vision is cloudy and our eyes are unfocused? How do we hear god’s voice when life is so loud and we just want a little peace and quiet?

October 15 is Laity Sunday and John Espy will be putting together an all-star cast from the congregation to lead every aspect of our worship service. Sunday school that morning is “F is for Fideism” … if you don’t know what that word means, don’t worry about it – neither does anyone else (which is why Pastor Bo thinks is it a growing problem in our world).


We hope that you will come and join in all of the festivities as we grow together in faith. Email with any questions.

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