The Poems of January

Posted By vermonthills on Jan 14, 2020 | 0 comments

We have begun reading a poem each week during the worship gathering. These poems are getting lots of positive feedback and so we wanted to link to them so that everyone can follow up with any poem that they connected with.

Here are the poems of January (so far):

The Birthday of the World by Marge Pierce

On the birthday of the world
I begin to contemplate
what I have done and left
undone, but this year
not so much rebuilding

New Beginnings by Lang Leav

If I have learned anything this year, it is that I won’t ever be ready for what life throws at me.

I won’t have the right words when it counts;

I won’t know what to choose when fate it self is staring at me down.

But now I know I don’t always need to have the right answer.

Being Human by Naima

I wonder if the sun debates dawn
some mornings
not wanting to rise
out of bed
from under the down-feather horizon

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