The Disorientation of a Summer Morning

Posted By Bryan Cooper on Apr 17, 2018 | 0 comments

As a child, we didn’t have air conditioning.  In Oregon that elicits a shrug, but in the Midwest, Summer’s were brutal.  My parent’s solution was to move my brother and I into the den where a lone window unit would struggle against the Oklahoma heat.  Waking in Summer for me would be disorienting and disjointed.   My brother would be on floor next to me rather than an arm dangling from the top bunk.  No superhero posters on the wall.  The light would stream in from the doorway – not the windows.  The ceiling was the wrong color.  Everything was out of place and confusing.  I spent every day of the Summer trying to find my footing like a cat on a rolling ship’s deck because my mornings always started in the wrong place.

These days, I value regimen and order.  I wake up every morning facing East, get up at the same time, check that nothing has broken at the office overnight, shower, shave, dress and into work.   No difference, no delta.  I spend all day keeping everything on an even keel.  No disruption.

But I don’t think that is our calling.  Jesus is nothing if not disruption.  Living as a Christian should not be comfort and regimen.  I think Jesus would want me to wake up every day feeling like nothing is set and every possibility is on the table.

I wonder how stunted my spiritual life is because I keep everything in it’s place and a place for everything to go.  Am I not open to the possibilities that the Good News has for me because it’s Tuesday and on Tuesdays I wear the the grey slacks.  How much of that order and safety makes me a mediocre disciple?

Tonight, maybe I should sleep in the den and just see what happens.

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