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4 Acts Of Life

Posted By on Aug 7, 2019

In the communion ceremony we have four verbs that give a ‘Liturgy of Life’: Receive Bless Brake Share On the first Sunday of every month we enact this narrative as we come to the table. It is an embodied practice for us. Below is a short reflection (8 min) on these 4 Acts of Life.

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Consider the Crows

Posted By on Nov 15, 2018

One tradition I really like surrounding communion, is that you never throw the bread in the trash or pour the cup down the drain. Once the bread and cup have been blessed, you are supposed to return them to earth from which they came. I love this imagery. It helps me to think about the grain that became the flour for the loaf and to think about the vines rooted in the earth that brought forth the grapes. I do this, not in a...

Read More file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:30:07Subscribe: iTunesWe are becoming a conversational community. Today we had a special guest, Dr. Kirsten Carr, to talk to us about aging and care. Our ‘Sacred Everyday’ conversation was about “too much of good thing”. please email with any questions...

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