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Nobody Reads The Bible Literally

Posted By on Jul 25, 2019

Nobody reads the Bible literally. We are all interpreting – and this is a good thing! This admission allows us to say: Since we are all interpreting, let’s talk about how we are interpreting. I first realized this about the book of Revelation (apocalyptic literature). Then it became clear about other genres of scripture like wisdom literature (Job) and the Gospels (Luke). Here is a recent sermon that I gave on the subject....

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Vermont Hills United Methodist Church Nobody Reads The Bible Literally Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds 00:00 / 00:20:45 Subscribe Share iTunes RSS Feed Share Link Embed Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:20:45Subscribe: iTunesWe are all interpreting. Let’s talk about how we interpret. Comment below. Email with any questions. Support...

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Better Energy For Better Things

Posted By on Aug 26, 2017

This church is a spiritual oasis. Part of that is to be a safe place for weary travelers. We live in time when people are exhausted, worn out, and fatigued. Our church wants to be a place of rest and restoration. We also are trying something experimental which is to become a conversational community. It is an innovative approach to church – but it is a little risky. What happens when we don’t all agree?   I have been...

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