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Why Pray?

Posted By on Apr 8, 2020

7 Reasons to pray (short sermon) and discussion about Spiritual Practices 1 Prayer opens me to the direction and flow of the universe 2 Prayer binds my heart to the lives and realities of people in my community 3 Prayer allows me to walk in the paths of those who have gone before me 4 Prayer contributes goodness & intention to the outcome of concern 5 Prayer allows God’s holy spirit to form, inform, and conform me to the divine...

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Unknown Knowns (6 min sermon)

Posted By on Mar 31, 2020

6 min sermon of encouragement playing off of Rumsfeld and Zizek known knowns (things we know that we know) known unknowns (things we know that we don’t know) unknown unknowns (things we don’t know that we don’t know) Then Zizek reminds us that the 4th quadrant would be “unknown knowns” Romans 5 Comment below or email You can also listen to the audio podcast here:...

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