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Embracing Cynicism?

Posted By on Feb 21, 2020

It may be time to embrace cynicism. Our cultural moment may be calling for it. Several years ago I was part of a leadership development cohort of young people and on the final day before they sent us back to the places that we came from all over the globe the leader encourage us to stop working on our weaknesses. It really caught my attention because up to that point I been under the impression that my primary job was to become a...

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Us vs Them BrainStorm (Week 1)

Posted By on Feb 12, 2020 file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:44:57Subscribe: iTunesOur discussion of “The Church of Us vs Them” is off to a good start. Listen in  and let us know your thoughts. You can also watch the video (including the slides) over here Join the conversation. Comment below or...

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Social Gospel (BrainStorm)

Posted By on Sep 5, 2019 file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:41:48Subscribe: iTunesBrainStorming with Bo (BS with Bo) is back! We returned this past Sunday to talk about the legacy of the Social Gospel. It was a lively conversation. Editors Note: the microphone did not pick up all comments so this audio is shortened.  Comment below. Email with any...

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Here is a short encouragement that I shared with a seminary class recently. Be brave. Be bold. Be daring. … it probably won’t work anyway. The systems is so powerful and so dominating that it can absorb, adapt to, and even appropriate any protest or critique. Parables, by the way, are not earthly stories with heavenly meanings. Parables are earthy stories with heavy meaning. Parables come in underneath your radar when your...

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August 15 Public House Chat

Posted By on Aug 4, 2017

It is HOT in the Pacific NW and at this month’s Public House Chat we want to talk about the religious climate in our region! Please read the following 2 articles: Creating New Place for New People [link here] which will tell you about the group in the PNW that we are now a part of as United Methodists. Liberal vs. Evangelical in the Pacific NW [link here] which is a Books&Culture review of James Wellman’s book. Then...

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