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Flipping the Sermon

Posted By on Oct 18, 2017

We are going to try something different for the next 6 weeks. Normally the sermon/homily comes up front and then later somebody comes to the table to chat with Pastor Bo about an issue or idea. For the next 6 weeks, those will be flipped. Early in the service there will be an idea or inspirational message. Later, a passage of scripture will be read and then talked about at the table. This is an experiment in conversational sermons....

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Church 2.0

Posted By on Sep 13, 2017

This Sunday, September 17, our topic will be “Church 2.0 – an interactive church”. Pastor Bo will be unveiling his vision for the future church.  As we transition to be a ‘conversational community’, the concept of an interactive church will be a helpful framework for understanding the direction and motivation behind our innovations. If you would like see an earlier (10 minute) video about Church 2.0 (near...

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