Posted By Dori Killion on Apr 11, 2018 | 0 comments

It is a very interesting perspective from the ancient Jewish tradition of treating Sundown as a pause to the beginning of a new day.

Sundown is a beautiful time to stop. Stop work, unplug, sit with God and ask “How shall we spend the next 24 hours?” One sure way to restful sleep is knowing that in the morning I can hit the ground running.

Sundown is a time of discernment, when I ponder consequences and shift my priorities. It’s making plans while remaining open to how God might use me. It’s every good intention from the bottom of my heart.

Sundown is check-in time: How am I doing God? I know I can do better.

Sundown is that painful honesty that exposes my inaction and knowing God loves me still.

Sundown is a beautiful time to stop…and start again.

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