Summer Reading Group: The Misunderstood Jew

Posted By Bo Sanders on Apr 21, 2022 | 0 comments

Breezeway Book Club: Join us from May-July as we read ‘The Misunderstood Jew’ by Amy-Jill Levine. 

This fascinating book will give us plenty to talk about every 14 days as we learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity and why this information is largely uncovered.

It will help the Bible make sense in brand new ways!

The plan is to meet on the breezeway from 6:30-7:15 to talk about the book and then to meander over to the picnic tables for some socially- distanced enjoyment of one of your favorite beverages.

The schedule will look like this:

May 4      Chapter 1: Jesus and Judaism

May 18    Chapter 2: From Jewish Sect to Gentile Church

June 1      Chapter 3: The New Testament and Anti-Judaism

June 15   Chapter 4: Stereotyping Judaism

June 29   Chapter 5: With Friends Like These …

July 6       Chapter 6: Distinct Canons, Distinct Practices

July 20     Chapter 7: Quo Vadis?

* The book discussion will also be available on Zoom from 6:30-7:15  

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