Summer (and Fall) Preview

Posted By Bo Sanders on May 16, 2019 | 0 comments

2019 is not quite half-over but we have BIG plans for the rest of the year!

Here is the overview: 

Starting Memorial Day Weekend (May 26) there is no Sunday School for the Summer (9am)

In June, July, and August the Worship Service moves to 10am (from 10:30)

The sermon series for the Summer will tackle 12 topics (1 per week) ranging from hell to marriage to other religions to why no one reads the Bible literally. 

Wednesday nights will be ‘Bowling Alone Reading Group’ from 7pm -8:15 [more info here]


In September we take on some new themes: 

Brain-Storming (9:30 – 10:15 am) we will talk about World Religions through the book ‘God Is Not One’ . We will spend the Fall learning about other faiths / traditions and what they can teach us.

During our worship gatherings (10:30 am starting September 1) we will engage Jesus through the Gospel of Luke.  NT Wright has an accessible commentary on Luke that will be our guide [Luke for Everyone]  and they even have it in LARGE PRINT (if you need that)

On Wednesday nights ImBible Study will read one of the toughest books in the entire Bible – Job.


So just to be clear: starting in September we are going to have the electric triplet of:

  1. World Religions in Sunday School
  2. Jesus in Church
  3. Job’s doubt (atheism) mid-week

This should truly be a memorable year!  Please come and join in the conversation.

Email with any questions


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