Social Principles (UnApologetic)

Posted By vermonthills on Sep 9, 2021 | 0 comments

Starting this week at Vermont Hills UMC we are going to start a new sermon series on the ‘Social Principles’.  These are a series of statements that the denomination has made about the practicalities of life and faith in the modern world.

Pastor Bo is going to take a unique approach to them and unapologetically show you his cards and where he stands on these issues.  He is not going to try and convince you  of his perspective (apologetics) but is simply going to make the case and let you agree or disagree or consider or converse.

One of the truly unique aspects of Vermont Hills is that you don’t need to agree with the pastor to participate and belong. We welcome discourse on topics and wrestling with issues – so long as we serve our neighbors with love together.

You can take a look as the Social Priniciple (PDF) below and check out the video preview of Sept 19 when the series kicks off fully. SocialPrinciples


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