Second Sunday Spiritual Practices

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Spiritual Practices are central to who we are as a church.

Practices connect our bodies to our ideas. They connect our present moment to the tradition.

In 2018 we are going to explore a new practice on the second Sunday of every month.

February 11 is  Lectio Divina (or Divine Reading). This is a ancient way to engage scripture and to listen quietly as your imagination is stoked.

March 11 is Labyrinth. We have a guest coming to walk us through the labyrinth journey.

April 8  is a Healing Service. We are going to sit with each other and prayerfully ask for wholeness and health.

May 13  is Body Prayers. This will be a time to try out different postures of prayer. Many people think that prayer is just a bunch of words … but it is SO much more.

Please mark these dates on your calendar and come with an open mind ~ you might be surprised with a new experience in faith.

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