Ruth Recap – act 2

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In the second chapter of Ruth, we meet a very interesting character named Boaz. Ruth was out collecting ‘scraps’ in the fields (a legal practice called ‘gleaning’) and ended up in on Boaz’ property.

Ruth mentions this to Naomi when she returned home that evening and … it turns out that Boaz is related to Ruth’s deceased husband and could technically fulfill a role in that society called a ‘kinsman redeemer’.

Boaz might be a solution to Ruth and Naomi’s problems. It doesn’t hurt, as key point of the plot, that Boaz seems to like Ruth and show favoritism to her.

Naomi comes up with a plan. That is where we left off. 

Chapter 3 gets a little saucy (or spicy) and the layers of cultural assumptions have to be peeled back like an onion. One person last week said it was like “The Real Housewives of Bethlehem”.

If you are interested in more please se the PDF below for some excellent background information.

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