Rhymes with Spanks

Posted By Dori Killion on Feb 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Reducing two words into one makes it seem informal and robs it of its solemness: Thanks sanitation department . . . I don’t have cholera, Thanks farmworkers for all your backbreaking work, Thanks Senators who stood your ground at the capitol that day, Thanks Doc for my new hip, Thanks mister, for pulling me out of the riptide.

If I’m giving Thanks then that would be to God for what all you people do for me. That is a good place to start but not to end. In an ideal world, a Thank You will follow.

I have not always been gracious about receiving generosity. I suck at Thank You Cards. Nor have I been very patient with a gratitude journal. There is more in life than not to be thankful for. Writing down the obvious doesn’t seem productive. I am more inclined to keep an eye out for that which I am not thankful; to wag my finger at things that need fixing.

I can be so wrong.

Jesus warns that this is not a country club but a training camp. The Way to the Good Life is not always cozy but sometimes like a plunge into a cold ocean. I remember hearing stories at the dinner table about how spoiled our cousins were. Could these rumors have been started to teach us gratitude during times of want? Was this some kind of reverse psychology? Be grateful you are not spoiled like your cousins, grateful in all circumstances, not just easy ones.

There was hardly a time I would see a yard sale sign without wondering what great stuff I was passing up. My house began to look like a museum. Now my issues lie not with having more stuff but having the right stuff. With my smart phone I hold the solution to nearly all my first world problems. I’ve grown accustomed to having all I need. I shop therefore I am … until the day I discover there is never enough and this pursuit is an assault on my gratitude, robbing my soul of happiness, leaving me fatigued.

Jesus says I have food and clothing and that is enough and I am returned to holding and naming the gifts for which I am truly grateful. I appreciate how vitally dependent I am in God and I realize that you and I are so interconnected and interdependent. The fragility of all that overwhelms me. I see that the source of that super abundant blessing has somehow found me and I want to throw a party.

This is what gives me connection to the Spirit, in communion, my constant companion, from which I seek more motivation, more direction, more peace of mind.

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