Public Joy: BrainStorming Feb 27

Posted By Bo Sanders on Feb 23, 2022 | 0 comments

We need ‘Public Joy’ so much these days.

Check out this article before Sunday morning and then come to BrainStorming (BS w/ Bo) to talk about it.


Recently Tim Soerens wrote an article for Comment explaining why our economic imagination needs a new goal. So often we operate from a place of scarcity. Much like the church, most of our energy can go toward our own prosperity and financial growth. This leads us to lose sight of God’s desire to heal and transform everyone and everything.

Tim suggests that we work toward seeing our economic life as a way to increase public joy. He says, “Public joy will never be attained by pursuing the privatized individualistic story in which each of us is competing for the very best curated life of consumption.”

And of course, this aligns for us as we work for the flourishing of our diverse and varied neighborhoods. When we move out of competition and hierarchy toward a lens of abundance and grace, it leads to more justice, equity, and a greater recognition of our interdependence. Click to read the full article.

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