Practicing Faith Is Here

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Starting this Sunday we are going to turn our attention to ‘Practicing Faith’.

So many times, the conversation is about great ideas or theories. They can be heady and inspiring – but sometimes they can seem like a list of ‘beliefs’ or doctrines.

What we are hoping to do in our Sunday gatherings is turn the corner to where the rubber meets the road in real life.

What does faith look like in practice?

We hope that you will come and join us for these conversations. Sundays at 10:30 am.

We are going to take our cue each week from this wonderful book called Practicing Our Faith by engaging in a chapter’s topic. We will have books to purchase at the welcome table.

There will be other events that tie in and a weekly series of blogs to keep you going.

Here is a schedule of topics if you are interested. 

Sept 9              Times of Yearning, Practices of Faith (1)

16                    Honoring the Body (2)

23                    Hospitality (3)

30                    Household Economics (4)

Oct 7               Saying Yes and Saying No (5)

14                    Keeping Sabbath (6)

21                    Testimony  (7)

28                    Discernment (8)

Nov 4              Shaping Communities (9)

11                     Healing  (11)

18                    Forgiveness (10)

25                    Dying Well  (12)

Dec 2               Singing Our Lives (13)

9                      Practicing a Way of Life  (14)

16                    A Way of Thinking About a Way of Life  (15)

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