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Posted By Bo Sanders on Oct 2, 2018 | 0 comments

In the past weeks I have been on two fun podcasts.

Religionless Church with Mason Mennenga has a fun and fast format. I had so much fun recording it and we cover a variety of topics.

  • my religious migration
  • academic interests
  • interactive church
  • religious but not spiritual
  • nerdy takes on Bonhoeffer and ‘the world come of age’

He also has a wonderful style for his podcast where he features the music of a different artist every time. He chose Workman Song for this episode and it really came together.

Please listen to the episode and then let me know what you thought! https://masonmennenga.com/religionless-church/2018/9/19/bo-sanders-practical-theology-and-church-20


The other podcast was the UMC podcast ‘Get Your Spirit In Shape’ where were talk about how to have difficult conversations in our contentious culture.

My interview is Ep. 43 called Disagreeing Well.

It’s no secret that people disagree, sometimes vehemently. When our opinions match, it is easy to have a conversation. When we are on opposite sides of an issue, talking can be far more challenging, but often more fruitful. In a time when opinions are strong in both our public and church lives, learning to disagree well is important.

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