Podcasts for February

Posted By Bo Sanders on Feb 14, 2019 | 0 comments

Our podcast feed is full of goodness right now!

Progressive Bible Study (now called imBible Study) just finished the book of Ruth so Katie and I recorded a Ruth Recap podcast that was a LOT of fun.

Sunday School (now called Brain Storming with Bo) is going through the alphabet. D is for Demythologize was a good podcast. E is for Emergence (and ecclesiology) comes out tomorrow.  This Sunday is G is for Gay Christians where we are going to unClobber the Bible.

Sermons are available on both video and audio. Two weeks ago was “God Loves Groups” about how the gospel has to be more than getting one small part of you (as an individual) to a good place after you die. That is too small a gospel.

This past week was about how the concept of ‘Hell’ functions in our psyche and how we need to take the sting out of this hellish idea. The audio is here – the video is here.

I also have a podcast with my mentor and friend Randy Woodley. Peacing It All Together podcast comes out every Monday. This past week Randy and I talked about being a good ‘ally’ on Ally: Do’s and Don’ts 

Let me know you thoughts. I would love to hear your comments, concerns, and questions.

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