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Please by Dori Killion

I learned when it was the best time to ask Mom or Dad (parents of five) for … well … just about anything. I tried to make my needs small enough to fit.

If I thought it would do any good, I would shout PLEASE from the rooftops to get Vlad to back off.

I was still a child when I first laid eyes on a homeless man. Immediately I saw the face of my dad or my grandpa. My heart broke. That’s when I gave birth to a fantasy that I could heal this homeless man by getting him a bath, a shave, a haircut and a hot meal. In my simplistic world view I believed that a one-day spa treatment alone can change a man’s destiny.

Jesus says there will always be suffering. Like you, I get overwhelmed. Why so much? God wants me to face it with courage, not look away. I know I cannot will the comfort of another but I can at least help cling to hope for them.

Praying “Please” indicates that, other than life and the spirit to sustain it, God has something more for me. Does praying “please” actually change anything? It changes me. I’ve come to the notion that it’s crazy to ask for divine intervention but I found that Please is a place for imagining other solutions to the pain of this very perplexing world.

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