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OMG         by Dori Killion

“Oh, yeah, right!” we said when told we were pregnant. In our barrenness, cynicism took hold. We had a good laugh.

“Oh!” A new space for when the truth sinks in; the simplest of prayers: spontaneous, unavoidable.

“Oh My God!” I say somewhat habitually. To some ears it may sound irreverent and immature. So whenever I say Oh My God, I have promised to bring God to heart and mind. It is like a talisman that helps to keep me awake and ready. I am wealthy with OMG moments.

As Pastor Bo read the titles to hymns beginning with O, I began to replace O with Our. O Word of God became Our Word of God and I believe that. Our God is what we say God is and what we say God does. That God is proof that there is more good in humanity than bad. That’s what gives me hope.

OMG worship requires that I exercise my whole being: intellect and emotion … and lately, my flexibility. McLaren says that pews were installed in churches long ago to “inhibit spontaneous outbreaks of collective joy among the masses”. How weird is that? I’m getting used to the hybrid style that we’ve adopted at VHUMC. Thank you Pastor Bo for making that happen. It’s the incessant covid that inhibits my joy. On zoom I feel somewhat tranquilized but someday again we will go back to singing out loud and I’ll go back to finding that inevitable sway that happens to me around music.

If you’ve lost your mojo for being awe-inspired, here are suggestions for a reboot: Bach organ music played loudly, Time at Sauvie Island with a choir of frogs, Escape the city lights and see the stars, Watch a video of a baby laughing. And check out the Fibonacci Sequence, one of my favorite OMG experiences.

“Oh the Places You’ll Go”.

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