Looking Forward To Fall

Posted By Bo Sanders on Aug 1, 2019 | 0 comments

This Fall is going to be a lively time at Vermont Hills!

There are some big things in the planning process and we are partnering with some new groups in the community to open up places for us to serve.

We have also planned some fun conversations in 3 of our weekly gatherings.

  • Sunday mornings during the worship service (10:30 am) we are going to go through the Gospel of Luke in hopes of encountering Jesus as adults. It might be time to update some of our childhood (or childish) notions.
  • At 9:30 am we are going to look at World Religions. This will give us a chance to exercise our ‘inter-faith’ muscles in an increasingly global world.
  • Wednesday nights at ImBible Study (7 pm) we are going to read the book of Job and talk about how it offers a critique of formulaic religion (like ‘if you are good then God will bless you’)

These 3 themes will play off of each other in a powerful way. The hope is that by being inter-religious, then deeply christian, then skeptical … well let’s see what emerges!

If you want to pickup some good resources:

Luke for Everyone (Gospel at 10:30 am)
God Is Not One (World Religions at 9:30 am)

Here is a short video preview.

Email VHUMCpastor@gmail.com with any questions or clarifications.

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