Faith Again After Faith

Posted By Bo Sanders on Apr 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Our topic this week in Sunday School might best be called “second faith” …

The question is something like ‘what does faith look like after you outgrow your younger faith?

A lot of people are struggling right now with how to be a person of faith when they no longer believe what they used to.


We are going to be engaging the ideas of a thinker named Paul Ricoeur who talks about ‘passing through the desert of criticism’ into a new understanding of faith and practice. Many people never make it that far – their faith dies in the desert.

“Beyond the desert of criticism we wish to be called again.”

Is it possible that mature faith is really only faith after the initial understanding is gone?  It’s like when the Apostle Paul talks about hope beyond hope in Romans 4:18 when he said “against all hope, Abraham hoped”.

You really only need hope when there is no hope!

Might it be the same for faith?


Maybe you need faith most when we have lost our faith …  but how would we believe again?

Come Sunday morning and find out.

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