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Come by Dori Killion

Go to and find out FOR SURE if you’re going to heaven or not. Or don’t. I did it though, walked right up to the booth at the Clackamas County Fair to get the answer: Am I Saved? Those two old men looked lonely and bored. I was curious what their spiel was and had fun chatting them up.

For this prayer, McLaren uses a symbol called an ellipsis. It is from the Greeks which can mean “falling short”; an intentional omission, as when God tells Moses, “you can come this far and no further”. This is how close I can get to the God I can only gradually get to know.

The self loathing I experienced after my husband died was almost too much to bear. I had a strong desire to move away, leaving parents and siblings … having Anna all to myself. I have survivors guilt and I know I could have been a better wife.

The bread and grapes of communion are a public act. This calls for a private, intimate communion, leaving behind the god I think I know, to meet the God who prays God’s one word prayer to me, “Come”.

I stand on Holy Ground. I plead my case. Only our silent communion can absorb this much pain. I am coming apart and we are doing the one thing no human being can do for me — keeping it together.

This prayer is like going back Home and being nurtured in every way I need: no judgement, no punishment, just healing and love. It calls me to grow closer to people in my life which is how I grow closer to God, which helps me grow closer to you, who helps me grow closer to God … and so on and so on.

What if everyone were saved? There’s so much imagination and innovation going on in this world. The changes leave me weary. The possibilities for the Good Life leave me hopeful. But we must keep our eyes on the prize and protect this Earth. She needs saving as well. There is no Planet B.

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