I know that some of you will have to stay home today due to health concerns. Here are the notes that I will using for both Sunday School (chpt 4 of Us vs Them) at 9:25 am and then my sermon on “Time and Worship” at 10:45 am I hope that you will be able to follow along if you want by watching the FB live feed either here or on my personal page I...

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Important UMC Update (Jan 2020)

Posted By on Jan 23, 2020

If you have not heard the big news … listen to this interview on OPB [link]  and read the letter from our Bishop Elaine Stanovsky: This morning United Methodists around the world received a word of hope that the strife that has racked our Church might find a peaceful end. A group of sixteen United Methodist leaders from around the world, who hold a wide range of theological and social convictions, have negotiated protocols for a...

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We have been considering a new partnership with a group that helps families in transition. One of their representatives will be at the table to talk about what that means and to answer any questions that we might have. Please take a look at the PDF below and get familiar with this ministry and we seriously consider what role Vermont Hills might play in Family Promise. FPB Get The Scoop Packet [PDF]

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The Poems of January

Posted By on Jan 14, 2020

We have begun reading a poem each week during the worship gathering. These poems are getting lots of positive feedback and so we wanted to link to them so that everyone can follow up with any poem that they connected with. Here are the poems of January (so far): The Birthday of the World by Marge Pierce On the birthday of the world I begin to contemplate what I have done and left undone, but this year not so much rebuilding New...

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Advent Reflection for Week 1

Posted By on Dec 4, 2019

Advent is a wonderful time of waiting and watching. I am always looking for good articles or resources to help me focus and reflect. Here is a good article from the website Ministry Matters. I hope that you enjoy it. HERE, BUT NOT YET: THE FEELING OF ADVENT

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