Christian Citizens

What is a Christian? 4 Loves

Posted By on Aug 1, 2022

“What is a Christian?” is the final sermon in the “Should Christians Be Good Citizens?” series. Christians are shaped by 4 Loves: Love God Love Neighbor as you Love Yourself and Love Your Enemy Check out the video below and join the...

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Week 6 of “Should Christians Be Good Citizens?” asks “is church a complement, a supplement, or an alternative to the rest of life?” 3 Different Views of Church as” Complement Supplement Alternative Listen in and let us know your thoughts! Join the conversation. You can also listen the audio podcast here:...

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Why Things Seem So Bad

Posted By on Jul 21, 2022

Part 5 of “Should Christians Be Good Citizens?” Sermon Outline: Perfect Storm Theory of Crisis Outsized Technology Global Pluralism Remnants Genealogy of Ideas Zombie Institutions No Arena No Mediator Fractured & Fragmented The Longing for Certainty Religion Science Political Correctness You can also listen to the audio podcast here:...

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4 Ways Churches Relate To Power

Posted By on Jul 11, 2022

Week 4 : How Churches Relate To Power You can listen here:   Type 1: Adjust & Excel (Therapeutic Christianity) Bible Verse you are likely to hear:  Micah 6:8 He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? What they want for their kids: To be happy and...

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Summer Sermon Series 2022

Posted By on Jul 6, 2022

We are asking the question, “Should Christians Be Good Citizens?” Prelude: 4 Views of Humanity [link]  Week 1: Yes – Christians should be the best kind of citizens [link] Week 2: No – Christians should be trouble makers [link] Week 3: Christians are citizens of something else entirely [link] Week 4: How Churches Relate To Power (4 examples)   July 10 Week 5: Why Are Things So Bad Right Now?   July 17 Week 6:...

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Week 3 of “Should Christians Be Good Citizens?”   [sermon notes below] NOTW : “Not Of This World” You can also listen to the audio podcast here: I want to suggest that the overlap in the Venn-diagram between you and the world might be closer to a circle than you would be comfortable admitting. And it is not your fault. This thing we call...

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