BrainStorm Topics for Jan 23

Posted By on Jan 20, 2022

This Sunday at 9:30am we want to brainstorm 3 ideas: What if once in a century weather events start happening every year ? What if you had to pay to throw away your trash? What words do you associate with ‘spirituality’ ? Topic 1: Americans, increasingly at risk for extreme weather As the climate crisis ramps up, new housing developments push into wildfire-prone areas, and ecological systems collapse, more Americans are...

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BrainStorming Topics for Jan 16

Posted By on Jan 13, 2022

This Sunday at 9:30 am in BrainStorming with Bo (BS with Bo) we will be engaging 3 topics: Habitat for Humanity is experimenting with printing 3D houses instead of doing the labor-intensive traditional builds. Is this a good thing?  HfH is a group that we love partnering with and sponsoring … do we lose something if we are not involved in the build in the same way? OR is it more important that we get people affordable houses and...

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