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Litany of Names

Posted By on Dec 13, 2020

Advent gives us a chance to reflect and look at things a different way. (se the litany below) You can also listen to audio podcast   The litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus received the Church’s approval for private use by Pope Sixtus V in 1585, and public recitation by Pope Leo XIII in 1886. (It is one of only six litanies approved for public use.) The Church celebrates the...

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Psalm 34 Meditation

Posted By on Dec 3, 2020

Mid-Week Meditation (prayer) on scripture: Psalm 34 Join us every Wednesday at 10am or listen to the audio podcast later and reflect with us.

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Be The Church?

Posted By on Dec 2, 2020

What does it mean to be the church in the 21st century? For us, we have made these 7 commitments: Feed Build House Welcome Connect Advocate Worship Enjoy the video below or listen to the audio podcast...

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Love God?

Posted By on Dec 1, 2020

What does it mean to ‘Love God’ ? This sermon explores an invitation. The amazing poem that gets us started is from John Mark Ministries We have been wrestling with these 10 invitations from our sister denomination the UCC What the video and join the conversation. Comment below on on FB or YouTube You can also listen to the audio podcast here:...

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New White Flight: BrainStorm

Posted By on Nov 24, 2020

Racism hides in all sorts of systems through code-switch and dog-whistle. Education and real estate are two examples of this systemic concern. Here are some highlights of our BrainStorming session after reading “the new white flight” article. BrainStorming: the new white flight You can listen to the audio podcast:...

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As we continue to talk about ‘where the rubber meets the road’ we want to combine “Finding Peace In An Anxious World” and some issues affecting us all. This week is about the paralysis around climate change. Read the article and come ready to talk at 9:30 am Sunday.

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