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Impossible (sermon)

Posted By on Jul 27, 2020

Impossible is our word for the week The book of Revelation provides our inspiration to imagine that the world can be a different way. You can also listen to the audio podcast here:

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Difference and Division

Posted By on Jun 29, 2020

We continue Beyond Us vs Them Video below or you can listen to the podcast audio here:

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Expanding the ‘We’

Posted By on Jun 17, 2020

Our word for the week was community. Who do you mean when you say ‘we’? This sermon says that we are caught up in an ever-expanding ring of inclusion and empowerment called the gospel. Watch this video and leave a comment – or listen to the audio podcast.

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Politics & Police BrainStorm

Posted By on Jun 13, 2020

Political Theology 101 in Brainstorming Enjoy this video (slides included) or listen to the podcast audio here:

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Pentecost 2020 Sermon

Posted By on May 31, 2020

This week’s sermon (10 min) with full transcript below 50 days after the events of Easter, religion changed forever. In the cross of Christ, god had identified with the brown body that was murdered by state violence and had vindicated the victim who cried out ‘it is finished’ – let this scapegoating mechanism be exposed for what it is. Jesus unmasked the unjust nature of the powers the be. The nature of god’s presence in the...

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