BrainStorm Topics for Jan 23

Posted By vermonthills on Jan 20, 2022 | 0 comments

This Sunday at 9:30am we want to brainstorm 3 ideas:

  1. What if once in a century weather events start happening every year ?
  2. What if you had to pay to throw away your trash?
  3. What words do you associate with ‘spirituality’ ?

Topic 1:

Topic 2: 

Topic 3: 

The premise is simple: McLaren has chosen 12 words to reflect on the seasons of the spiritual journey: Here, Thanks, O, Sorry, Help, Please, When, No, Why, Behold, Yes, and […].

He uses three words each as contemplative metaphors for the four seasons of Simplicity, Complexity, Perplexity, and Harmony.

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