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Posted By Bo Sanders on Aug 26, 2017 | 1 comment

This church is a spiritual oasis. Part of that is to be a safe place for weary travelers.

We live in time when people are exhausted, worn out, and fatigued. Our church wants to be a place of rest and restoration.

We also are trying something experimental which is to become a conversational community. It is an innovative approach to church – but it is a little risky.

What happens when we don’t all agree?


I have been thinking about this recently because I have been talking to my post-evangelical and post-christian friends who were raised more conservative and they are tired of debates surrounding homosexuality, creation/evolution, end-times anxiety, women in ministry, and biblical inerrancy.

Those controversies are exhausting.

So I have begun asking them a really simply question:

“What would your energy go to if it didn’t go to those issues?”

  • Would you feed hungry people?
  • Would your serve your community?
  • Would you advocate for vulnerable folks?
  • Would you help organize for issues of justice or compassion?


The reason that feel free to ask this is because I have been impressed at all the good that can be done when energy isn’t going to those controversial issues! When those issue are not variables, but are instead givens – faith looks very different.

It’s amazing how your spirit is given space to breath when you don’t have to be on the defensive. It’s actually fun to think about faith and what it looks like to mature into the kind of person that you want to be.

I made a little video (below) to share with my friends and ask them to think about this stuff with me.

I am really excited to have A) a conversational community where we can trade ideas and hear different perspectives and B) those controversies not be part of the equation and become exhausting debates.

It is really liberating to think that we don’t all have to agree on every issue. It is equally as exciting to know that we can put our best energy to things that make the world a better place since we are not being sapped by those taxing controversies.


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  1. Those issues are settled for me. My energy goes to b being alive, meeting the needs of others as I can. The best gift I can give someone is affirming and accepting them as they are. validating them. what wears me out is or are the things they need help with like rides, grocery shopping. etc. but the affirming accepting and validating them is a given. a settled issue so to speak.

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