An Hour Without Trump

Posted By Bo Sanders on Jul 25, 2018 | 1 comment

About a year ago I figured out that if I didn’t put a moratorium on talking politics, that it was all we would ever talk about.

So I implemented a 1-hour prohibition on saying the ‘T’ word in our gatherings. It has a made a huge difference.

Here is a short (5 min) video

[youtube id=”FXOZ7bp55_E”]

1 Comment

  1. I totally agree with you in the need to take a break. All the oxygen gets sucked out of the room – we all get caught up in the drama. I need more than an hour though! So how does one disengage or compartmentalize much more than an hour? Maybe we need a self-help session where people share ideas in keeping one’s sanity in these times. Keeping our sanity but not feeling like we are being complicit in the issues.

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