All Are Welcome

Posted By Bo Sanders on Jun 28, 2017 | 0 comments

This Sunday our call to worship sets the tone for the whole month of July. It reads:

Leader: Welcome to each and every one of you!
People : Even when things get hectic, always know that you will find welcome here.
L: May the joy we have in our Lord Jesus Christ become your joy also.
P: We have found a welcoming presence in this house of the Lord.
L: Thanks be to God who has welcomed each one of us!
P: Let us extend that same loving welcome to others.
L: We are grateful for the hospitality and friendship that are offered here.
P: Come, let us worship the God who always welcomes us.
L: Let us open our hearts to Christ who welcomed friend and stranger alike. AMEN.

I am so excited to be at church that is both A) legitimately open and welcoming to all B) exciting about connecting with the new people that God is bringing us into partnership with.

I can not wait for us to be welcomed into worship together on July 2nd and 9th with this call & response!

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