After Easter – Sacred Ordinary

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Where do you find the divine in your everyday?

Is it possible for the ordinary stuff of life to take on sacred meaning?

Follow the series here:

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Starting April 8th, we will begin a 3 month journey.

Please join us for these conversations about significance and meaning in the everyday.

You might be surprised where you find the divine presence in a day.  

1 Waking  Up                                        April 8

2 Making the Bed                                April 15

3 Brushing Teeth                                 April 22

4 Losing Keys                                       April 29

5 Eating Leftovers                               May 6

6 Fighting Well                                    May 13

7 Checking Email                                 May 20

8 Sitting in Traffic                                May 27

9 Calling a Friend                                June 3

10 Drinking Tea                                   June 10

11 Sleeping                                           June 17

Practical Divinity                                 June 24


Join us to find meaning every day 

Get the book and follow along – there will be daily reflections posted on the blog
You can order the book here [Link]    It is also on Kindle [ Link] 

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