Action Assembly 2018

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For those of you who were unable to attend the Action Assembly Charge Conference, here are the minutes:

2018 Action Assembly
Christ UMC
November 4, 2018

Present:  District Superintendent Rev. Erin Martin, District Lay Leader Lydia Henry, pastors and members of several west-side UMC’s.
The following members of Vermont Hills UMC attended:  Rev. Bo Sanders, John and Jan Espy, Linda Miller, Donna Ward, Will Mitchell, Bryan and Virginia Cooper, Glennis McNeal, Gail Martin, Dori Killion, Katie Simpson, Mary Turk, Susan Zotter.

Rev. Martin shared a message that we need to be doers of the word as well as hearers. We need to move from ideas/dreams/imagination to power.  We can look to how the early church moved from dreaming to sharing to organizing  to action. In our vision all are sacred; we seek well-being for all people; no one should be homeless; we must provide for all. We all are called to different things and need to discern what we are called to do, both as individuals and as members of our communities.

We broke out into groups of two to discuss three questions:  1) What stands out from Acts 6;  2) Who are those discriminated against; and  3) Does your church have the capacity to respond?  We then shared our thoughts with the whole group.

Four individuals from the community shared their personal stories:

  • Natalia Olivares, who is an intern for the Oregon-Idaho Conference, told her immigrant story and how it impacted her. She shared that as a bicultural person she can be a bridge for others.
  • Sonia from Tabasco, Mexico, shared her story as an undocumented immigrant.
  • Bridget Calfee has worked in homeless shelters and helped found HomePlate Youth Services, which offers a support system to homeless youth.
  • Bonnie Becker, of Westside UMC, works with migrant families and shared her experiences.

We then talked with those at our tables about our reactions to these stories, what challenged us and what inspired us. And how we might become actively involved with some of these ongoing programs or others we’re aware of.

We presented our Clergy Compensation Package to VHUMC members present and voted to approve the package subject to change after review with SPRT by December 31.

We voted to approve the Lay Leadership Slate of Officers that was presented, with one abstention.

Rev. Martin closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted.
Susan Zotter, Church Council Secretary


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