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Designer Faith

Posted By on Sep 3, 2019

This sermon asks, “what would you like your faith to look like?” Faith is an incredible and flexible thing. It can adapt and grow, evolve and change over time. We are not stuck with the faith that we inherited.  Watch the video below or listen to the audio podcast here

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3 Types of Churches (sermon)

Posted By on Aug 22, 2019

Last week’s sermon was about three types of churches and what we can learn from each other. You can watch the video below or check out the podcast audio here

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The Gospel of Mad Magazine

Posted By on Aug 13, 2019

Mad Magazine is ceasing its publication of the print edition. This is going to be a huge loss. Mad Magazine used parody, caricature, and satire to lampoon the ridiculous elements of our age. This was the role of parables in Jesus’s age. We have been taught to read parables poorly. They have been neutered, sanitized, and de-fanged. Many of us were taught to read parables as: Aesop’s Fables Proverbs Allegory Parables are...

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4 Acts Of Life

Posted By on Aug 7, 2019

In the communion ceremony we have four verbs that give a ‘Liturgy of Life’: Receive Bless Brake Share On the first Sunday of every month we enact this narrative as we come to the table. It is an embodied practice for us. Below is a short reflection (8 min) on these 4 Acts of Life.

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Time for Church 2.0

Posted By on Aug 6, 2019

Interactive Church is my passion. This week we finally go all the way to Church 2.0 with my current congregation! We have been practicing the component parts and building a culture of conversational listening for 2 years. This Sunday we put it all together for the first time. You can find videos for Interactive Church (2.0) here [link] Each of our Sunday gatherings are conceived of in 3 Acts and each act is centered around something...

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Looking Forward To Fall

Posted By on Aug 1, 2019

This Fall is going to be a lively time at Vermont Hills! There are some big things in the planning process and we are partnering with some new groups in the community to open up places for us to serve. We have also planned some fun conversations in 3 of our weekly gatherings. Sunday mornings during the worship service (10:30 am) we are going to go through the Gospel of Luke in hopes of encountering Jesus as adults. It might be time to...

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