Bible Study

We are doing an experiment and reading the Bible through a ‘progressive’ lens.

It is rowdy, hilarious, snarky, and intense … also eye-opening!

Our commitment is to three things:

  1. Read in faith
  2. Read in humility
  3. Read in community

We are one year into this experiment and it is exciting!

We noticed that most people who are really into the Bible are not thatĀ progressiveĀ and that most progressives don’t really read the Bible. So we asked,

“What would it look like to sit down together and commit to reading this ancient and sacred text together with an open mind?”

It turns out that it is surprising, exciting, and really interesting.

This Fall, we are going to look at the letter of Hebrews and learn about our tradition.

We would love to have you come and join this vibrant experiment. 7:00 pm every Wednesday night.